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Make Sure You Didn't Miss These 2021 Home Designs

by Richard Mack 11/23/2022

When you’re planning to have a custom home built this year, take advantage of the latest trends in home construction and design. These trends can help you make the most of your home by boosting its functionality and comfort level. Check out the following 2021 trends to see what you might want to include in your custom home.

Multi-Purpose Layouts

The pandemic caused many homeowners to adapt to working from home. Some families also had to adapt to having their kids do schooling at home. These changes have made many homebuyers think about including multi-purpose layouts in their custom homes. Multi-purpose layouts provide high adaptability for homeowners, so that they can more easily adjust to doing their job remotely or having their kids attend classes from home. These layouts might include having built-in desks installed in a living room or bedroom rather than having to scramble to set up spaces for work or school at home.

Increased Natural Light

After having to spend a lot of time at home last year, buyers who are having custom homes built are showing a higher demand for more natural light. Allowing more daylight into your custom home can help boost your mood and provide extra illumination for a more cheerful environment. More natural light in your home can also help it stay warm in winter, so you don’t need to have your furnace running so much. You can add more natural light to your home by having more windows installed or having skylights put in. Adding windows on the side of your home that gets the most sun is a great way to increase natural light. Having skylights installed can brighten up dimmer parts of your home.

Storage and Organization

Storage areas never go out of style, but there has been a bigger focus on them in the past year. Being home more often has encouraged homeowners to organize their homes and keep them tidy. This has carried over into home construction and design trends for 2021. When designing your custom home, you can add an extra closet for storage or include more storage in other ways, depending on how much space you have. You might have built-in cabinets installed in bathrooms or bedrooms, or you might include a larger pantry for kitchen storage. You can also have open shelves installed for even more storage areas in your home.

Natural Design Elements

In design, natural elements and earth tones are among the top trends this year. These elements and colors can give your home a calm and cozy atmosphere. For example, you might include wood accents in your dining room, kitchen or even your bathroom for a rustic and relaxing look. You can also include other natural elements, such as a stone fireplace or stone flooring to achieve this look. When choosing colors for your custom home, consider focusing on greens, browns and other earth tones. You can make these the main colors in different parts of your home, or just include touches of them here and there for a more subtle look.

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